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Common Questions, Answered

Q- Do we accept insurance?

A- We are contracted with many of the more popular plans, but you can receive

Q- Do we offer bleaching in the office?

A- Sure, we need to see you for an exam, and likely a cleaning so the bleaching works at its optimal level.

Q- Can you come in for an emergency visit if you have never been there before?

A- Yes, we will need information just like for any other new patient, but we are happy to see you if you are in need of help.

Q- What if you don't have insurance, can you get dental care?

A- Of course. Many of our thriftier patients realize that "insurance" isn't always what it is cracked up to be. Many people find that their ease of care and overall cost is better without benefits.

Q- What forms of payment do we accept?

A- Cash, Check, Most Credit Cards, and Outside Financing is available if you qualify.

Q- Can you listen to music instead of the drill?

A- Sure, you can bring your own, or use one of our MP3 players with a variety of genres available.

Q- Do we have any financing available if you don't have the cash in hand?

A- Depending on your situation, we can often get things set up in just a few minutes over the phone/internet.

Q- What if your old dentist said you needed different care than what Dr. Unland suggests?

A- There are numerous reasons, including the following- Time has past since that last visit, Different dentists have varying success with different treatments, There may be more than one good choice- it could just be a preference


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